Томас Вудро Вильсон

28-й Президент США
Психологическое Исследования

Autopsy On An Empire

The American Ambassador's Account
of the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Рональд Рейган

Хроника жизни и времени

Достойные моих гор

Откытое Дальнего Запада 1840-1900

The FDR Story

A colorful biography of the famous American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt
who helped shape the destiny of his country and the world

Woodrow Wilson

The Unforgettable Figure Who Has Returned to Haunt Us

Woodrow Wilson

The Politics of Peace and War

Wilson and the Peacemakers

Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace
Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal

Weary Policeman

American Power in an age of austerity