Littell's Living Age

Volume 211
October, November, December, 1896

Americanized Encyclopedia Britanica

A dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature
Biographies of living subjects
96 colored Maps
Volume X-TRI-ZYM

From Paris To Sevres

The Partition of the Ottoman Empire
at the Peace Conference of 1919-1920

Conditions In The Near East

Report Of The American Military Mission To Armenia

A Memorandum On The Armenian Question

Presented to the Council of Foreign Ministers
March 7, 1947

Address Of President Wilson

Delivered in New York City
September 27, 1918 (1918)

The Near and Middle East

An Introduction to History and Bibliography

Struggle For Justice

A Story Of The American Committee For The
Independence Of Armenia 1915-1920

The Adventures of the Fourteen Points

Vivid and Dramatic Episodes of the Peace Conference from its opening at Paris to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles

Two Peacemakers in Paris

The Hoover-Wilson post-Armistice letters 1918-1920

The Moffat Papers

Selections from The Diplomatic Journals of
Jay Pierrepont Moffat 1919-1943

The Burning Tigris

The Armenian Genocide and America's Response